ARTICLE : Nightshades.

Who would call a potato dark, sinister or evil? Maybe someone here at the laboratory would! The reason for this is because potatoes fall into a group of foods that are known as the nightshades.

Nightshades are a group of plants that are not edible because the plant produces toxins, in different degrees that serve as a deterrent mechanism. Capsaicon, glycoalkaloids, solanine and Lectin are some of the agents produced to discourage animals from eating them.

There are over two thousand plants in this family, in which the potato, tomato, hot peppers and spices like cayenne and paprika are a part of.

The body can detox small amounts of these nightshades. When consumed in excess, nightshades cause problems which vary from joint pain, inflammation and circulation and cardiac issues. Some are so bad that they can cause cancer.

Potatoes contain solanine, which is toxic to humans. Solanine causes a list of problems from dizziness, stomach problems like vomiting and diarrhea to heart problems and paralysis. When potatoes are exposed to light, this agent develops and is can be noted by the green discoloration of the potato peel.


Other foods that are in the nightshade family that are eaten often are:

Eggplants, bell peppers, jalapenos, red peppers and golgi berries.


ARTICLE : Plyometrics

Pylometrics is a group of short interval exercises that entails using muscles until total muscle exertion is experienced. Pylometrics is aimed at enhancing strength and speed by having the athlete do a series of timed exercises with timed breaks in between. The exercises that will be performed are oriented around jumping. The key is once you land from a jump, you must immediately transition into another jump in a fast explosive manner.

The goal of Plyometrics is to bring into being fast movements with quick-tempered power. Calisthenics can facilitate this objective. Jumping workouts like jump rope, squats, push-ups and box jumps strengthen core muscles. These muscles are needed for short powerful bursts required in Pylometrics. Calisthenics also serves as an excellent method of warming up before workouts. These techniques help develop speed and agility as well as strength.


There are two different types of muscles, red and white. Red muscle, or slow contracting muscles are for endurance and the white or fast contracting muscle are for speed.


Muscles targeted:

Pylometrics is a whole body workout exercise. Specific areas that the athlete will specifically feel and see changes are the legs and Gluteus. Legs are the main muscles because of all the jumping. Leg muscles will be extensively worked out. Jumping and squatting target the Gluteus area.


ARTICLE : Cinnamon

Made from the bark of the Cinnamomum tree, Cinnamon has been used and treasured for ages. It is a spice that smells good, tastes great and has many health benefits. There are two different types of cinnamon out there. There’s the concentrated form of cinnamon, called Ceylon and the commercially used cinnamon called Cassia.

Cinnamon has a reputation of having some health benefits. Even though its reputation says otherwise, there is no use of cinnamon in traditional medicine. Some of the reputable health benefits that cinnamon has are things such as increasing memory and slightly lowering blood glucose levels by decreasing the body’s insulin resistance. Different studies also revealed properties that may help with lowering blood pressure and cholesterol (LDL). Regardless of what can be read about it, one should not attempt any homeopathic remedies without consulting their doctor first.

Cinnamon is a powerful antioxidant, lowering the formation of free radicals. It also increases the rate of tissue repair, stops inflammation and helps with memory. Cinnamon is also useful in delaying Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease because it protects neurons and inhibits proteins, such as “tau” to accumulate in the brain.

One other great affect that cinnamon has is that it tastes great! It can be used as a sprinkle on your favorite food, dessert or beverage such as tea or coffee. The great thing about this is that you will be unconsciously reaping all the benefits of cinnamon just by enjoying it as a treat.